Monday, April 1, 2013

a propensity to avoid capital letters

when faced with incomparable beauty man has no choice but to destroy or embrace it.  yet to destroy is to destroy oneself and to embrace is to sacrifice oneself and so man turns away and chooses the lesser option, the supplement, the placebo counter structures.  no it is not the man who destroys beauty that is the coward.  no it is not the man who loses himself to embrace beauty who is the coward.  it is the man who turns away and says, it is ok if i do nothing.  it is ok if i choose to idle.  it is ok if i am succumb to the rest of my world.
heaven sent glory in the form of a child brought as redemption in it's ultimate form is continually turned away from, and the minds who attempt to destroy it- no they are not weak, and the ones who have sacrificed their lives to a higher calling-no, they are not weak.  it is the ones who have chosen to stand off to the side, to not face beauty at all.  to choose to do nothing because nothing is harmless. because nothing will bring the most peace.  these men are not men, no, they are not men.
and boldness is warranted only to those who have the aptitude to follow through for the impetus to action requires moderate forethought, and if anything originates from the creator himself.  regardless of the duration the progress of the infantile remains the same.  when a child is put through trauma, extended trauma such as a high fever the child will fall asleep automatically.  man is asleep. only through action does maturity progress.

recently my own idleness has been brought painfully to my attention.  in relationships with each other it is easy to fill the vast chasm between with the theoretic and for the minds prone to thinking, this can be costly if the propensity is to avoid capital letters altogether, to stick with improper nouns.

destroying beauty is just as painful as embracing it but the beauty does not die and talking about it does not make it go away.  not facing it, and instead thinking about it.  rationalizing it.  explaining it.  running from it, no it does not make it go away.  it just makes it harder to feel up close.  and when your hands are numb you may feel as if you are doing much more than you actually are.  and when warmth returns to your hands and when your body really begins to feel the rush of blood it is very painful- nearly excruciating.  but worth it if you are choosing to trust.  worth risking your propensities, worth shoving off the precipice, and embracing beauty face on.

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