Saturday, August 31, 2013

Backgammon for Winners

The man across from me reads his book as an ivy grade-based scholarship led grad student.  

And That was a scholarly attempt at being poetic- nice eh? Hahaha

This man is reading "Backgammon for Winners". Backgammon is a game for Kings! Kings don't just win, they win with purpose! Kings steward! 

You can't study to be a king!  Kings are appointed!

You can study to know how a king operates and makes decisions. You can study to see how a king loves and respects those under his rule. You can study to see how a king fails and recovers. In all this studying though it does not and never will make you a king. 

I'm about to start seminary and I look forward to studying our King but the knowledge provided in academia pales under the consideration of how massively large our God is and how silly our own formulaic methods of understanding are. 

After God showed me a very important lesson while I was pouring lemonade I asked Him to teach me things. Ha!  Haha! Hahahaha-haha!  What is the Lord going to teach me and why!?  He created this Universe! He is so much larger than anything I could ever want or need to understand for this day to day life!  As if I was asking The Lord for a cup of water from Niagra Falls!  

And we sit and amass knowledge and consider our understandings great when the small ounce of what we know no where compares to the omniscience of our God!  How silly it is to ask God to teach me things when God is so far beyond my understanding that He should be considered merciful in not teaching me everything!  And though He does instruct us to ask Him to teach us His ways it is not a pursuit so we may do well here on Earth or know more than others or be better or make an A+++, it is to know Him, so we may rest and rejoice with Him in perfect unity through Jesus.

Technically you aren't actually regarded as understanding things unless you're able to put them into words and communicate them with others. 

God did design us this way to ensure the transfer of basic human skillz - just as he planted a tree and it is green and the receptors in our eyes find the color green the most appealing - Everything has a significant purpose in the relationship to something else. 

The purpose of academies and relationships is to build a strong springboard between individuals able enough to carry the very things that make us speechless. Those things in which only the Spirit can give utterance. 

Like marriage!  That's a perfect example! People get married to have sex. False!  People get married for tax right offs.  False!  People get married to breed.  Closer, but false!  People get married so their unity can spring forth a life beyond each individual. Something untangable by sensory data alone.  A third something fully known only by God and He is gracious enough to share it. It is precious. 

And as God continues to refine my heart I hope that whoever God has given the love to marry me will understand this so we can build our marriage and do more for The Lord than we can ever do on our own.  Glory to The Lord that cannot be quantified by our own terms!

------Building things on the foundations of the Lord's merciful apportionment of His understanding so we may bring the most glory to Him and exist in relationship with Him to the fullest while we live here on this Earth.-----

I hope that reading man wins every game of backgammon he plays. More importantly I hope that the conversations he has during the backgammon games enriches their lives in a manner incapable to be fully grasped by words. 

Long live the king of Backgammon and glory to The Lord who provides silly Saturday analogies. 

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