Friday, January 22, 2016

Homie Don't Play That Rushrush

Nothing indecisive.  Nothing subjective.

Struggling introspectives are the worst.  End self-loath :)

There is this pull towards a relationship of the will of the Lord and actual effective action steps.  But what if I get going too fast, God?  And lose sight of You?

Important questions to ask, because, if I believe what I believe - and I do - then my reality is formed on the basis that God orders my steps.  Great!  That is great, and I have story after story to show you why our God is deserving of Praise.  "Order my steps?"  It's like i'm on a freaking conveyer walkway at an airport.  Woooooooooo

SO how does one walk on that walkway and still struggle with doubts of whether or not it's God's will?  Can we be so intentional with our walk we lose sight of the freedom?  I'd VENTURE a yes

Highlighting the necessity for my steps to be according to God's will sure, comes from a pure place, but a misguided (all the puns guys) understanding of His sovereignty.  Asking God for His will and then not doing anything is a preposterous way to approach living.  Moses came up on a well in the desert that was bitter, but it was the faith in God to throw in the stick down that made that water drinkable.

You see, with the intentionality of living a life to give praise to our God - to bring others into relationship with God, anything and everything can and will be used for His glory no matter the pedian.  (a made up word)

The pause, the moment of overflowing joy happens when we wait on God to use those steps according to His perfect purpose.  When we wait on the Lord to bring into completion all the moving parts of this brilliant, all connected world we live and breath in.

Wait's in Him we live and move and have our being.  Mother flippin autopilot - any gate, any plane - sing Praise!

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