Thursday, March 20, 2014

And he waddled away!

Kids teach me the most about our relationship with God. In fact there are so many things that have happened in my life- pieces coming together at the last minute or memories of prayers from years ago coming together in unscrupulous manners.  I have seen God move in magnificent fashions and consider myself beyond blessed because in this outpouring of awesome the only thing I've really done is wait..and watch. 

Last year I have up orchestrating my relationships for lent. An entrepreneur and producer creator at heart it is easy for me to say that that that and not that but enough about me - the Lenten period was to assess my ability to focus on my instrument. On who God wants me to sound like so I can more readily play well with others. It wasn't until December that I actually felt I had my own voice or at the very least was able to respond to God's without cross checking with the rest of the symphony for guidance. 

This year I'm giving up procrastination.  So for the 20 minute train ride I shall jot on my iPhone:

We run so much faster when our palms are open to The Lord and our burdens are given to him. 

I saw this in practice today on the way to school when the child in my care saw his friend up ahead,"I want to catch up to him, here hold my backpack Ms Gabbie" "Lift your backpack up so you can-?" "Run!"

And so I held the handle on his backup just enough so he could run without the extra weight on his 4 year old frame.

Pretty great right? Thanks, God, for the delightful physical example of what you have been trying to communicate to me. 


He asked me to set the backpack down again. We had gotten pretty close and this smart child did not want the other kid to see me carrying his burden-I mean-back pack. So I set it down, which weighed him down, which kept him from actually catching up to him. 


"Ms Gabbie will you please carry my backpack again?" "Yes dear child"


"Ok I want to carry it by myself"

And then I started to observe - truthfully if we ran up and made it to his friend would  his friend even notice I was carrying his backpack?  No way!

And when we finally did make it to his friend he blew right past him and laughed and his friend let out a surprise - lil dude did not want to "catch up" to his friend he wanted to beat him.  He wanted to win. He wanted to be successful.

Now I am in no way villianizing my early am pal.  He is 4.  And I can't seem to even spell vilifying... :)

How often do we hold onto our burdens so we can "look good" and only ask God so we can "win"?  

Hold me to this. If I come to you with a care and ask you to pray let's aim our hearts to give up the burden to God so we can build better relationships with each other.  So we can run freely and love immensely. Not so we can catch up 

...and then waddle away

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