Thursday, January 23, 2014

Integration Station

There is a distinct point I would argue in which the author and editor of your life blend into a beautiful, extraordinary machine.

I feel like God is grooming me and I am losing patience with myself over things I once took for granted as character flaws or flesh.

Galatians 5 popped up on my Bible app today and the biggest take away that i've ever received from that passage rests in our ability to let go of the flesh and fly with the Spirit.  The inward struggle is something that we will feel and we can rest assured that embracing the Holy Spirit, what we know to be good and what it is that we are laid out to do as Christians is the best way for living.

A mutual friend introduced me to a gentleman who made his way to my birthday this past weekend and I was delighted during our conversation to find out his blog contains very real and logical explanations for our God.  I would urge you to check out his website "God Evidence" even for the chance to see what logic runs behind the personal experiences I share with you here.  I will link that jam.

The best foundation for anything is a solid foundation, we know this to be true..  Nobody builds a house on iffy ground unless they plan on scamming the new owners.  When people build their lives on things that are fleeting they scam themselves and those around them.

I have zero intention on building my house on anything but solid truth.  The solid truth you know deep inside that remains as a channel of life.  For me it's Christ, this is my solid truth - that God in His infinite and immaculate nature now rests inside of us and communes with us everywhere we go.   Not by my own splendor- I am a reflection of Christ's glory that I choose to walk in and I daily grow into this coat of many colors stitched to me by the Holy Spirit.  You're here underneath this coat too!   I can hardly handle how amazing it is sometimes.

The past couple of weeks God has led me to reading 2 Chronicles which opens up with describing Solomon's building of the temple.  This is my focus this year - to build life built around the splendor and majesty of God for the splendor and majesty of God.  No fillers, no low hanging ceilings or laminate wood counter tops.  But rather solid gold resting pools and the finest fabric.  This is a spiritual matter of which I am speaking - high ceilings and gold fixtures would be nice but i'm not planning on moving until at least my lease is up! ;)

So as it seems for the past two years when I had been feeling as though God was taking sand paper to my soul, He was and is, and now here we are drenched in Scripture and resting at home with God laying out some designs on this swept foundational floor.  Completely content naked and vulnerable and also ridiculously safe.  He's grooming me and I look forward to seeing what He has in mind.

Whatcha goin put in this temple Lord?  Whatcha goin use it for?  All for you! My audience of One.

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